Joe Epstein – LDN Digital Design

Video Production

Lights, camera, and action too! With experience in direction and crew management, traditional off/online editing (using 3-machine edit suites), high-end cameras, sound production, storyboarding, pre and post-production, my video capability is strong.

Since the advent of non-linear video editing, I have utilised my digital expertise to give me a deep understanding of video formats, processing and delivery which has enabled me to deliver full-scale video productions for online, DVD, broadcast, and external media.

Concept development / Storyboarding / Art and Crew Direction / Camera and Sound / Digital Editing / Post Production / Delivery

• Lead videos for 'Hunter Syndrome' global awareness campaign (Shire)
• 'Stay Active - Stay Well' – One hour exercise DVD for COPD patients (British Heart Foundation)
• Instructional product video for Respimat Inhaler (Boeringher Ingelheim)
• UK Biobank research presentation
– Full production: storyboarding, onsite crew direction, editing, post production and delivery

• Ongoing video production for Michael Page brand campaigns, internal training, and investor presentations

• Full production delivery for 'The Caravan Club' promotional video
• Concept storyboarding, production and resource management, studio direction, editing and post production
• I even had to source the caravan! ...